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Julie Cordova

336-4100 jcordova@cuhsd.net
Andrea, Corella

TO:  Students and Parents of the Southwest High School Weight-lifting Classes

September Newsletter,

Welcome back to the 1st semester school term.  I hope you had a great vacation break and that you are as eager as I am to be back in school.  I am looking forward to experiencing the results that I believe will be forthcoming this semester in the physical development of each student. 

First semester is based on learning weightlifting techniques and improvement from a prescribed workout plan.  The 2nd semester will focus more on individualizing workout programs to meet the needs of each individual.  Students will be required to create a workout schedule/plan that is designed to achieve success for their individualized goals.  The plan must included activities to improve cardio vascular fitness, strength or endurance weight lifting program, and may include monitoring Body Mass Index (BMI), and/or the loss of gain of weight.

Every Monday, a detailed workout plan for the week will required of each student.  Students need to obtain a 3 ring notebook that will be maintained in the classroom.  Goal sheets and weekly workouts will be placed in the notebook weekly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  

Matthew Reddin